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Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar



Based in Delhi, this story deals with two families, the Sehgal’s and the Tripathiis, living under the same roof as owners and tenants…. There are various colorful characters sharing different emotions and bonds of friendship, animosity,  love, hate, conspiracy, trust and respect.

The story starts with Dimple and Dhruv love hate relationship and through them we establish the rest of the family members…. Dhruv’s youngest sister Megha is getting married…. There is a festive atmosphere in the house…. At the sangeet ceremony Simple (Dimple’s elder sister) and Daksh (Dhruv’s elder brother) perform on a song…. This gives an idea to the fathers and they convince their ever fighting wives to get the two married…. There are varied reactions, but finally all ends well and the two are engaged to get married soon….

But the twist in the tale comes when Daksh’s boss, Lipika, sets her sight on him and gives him a proposal to get married to her and become the partner in the firm…. Daksh, being an overly ambitious guy, finds this proposal hard to dismiss…. His problem is that he has been an ideal son for the family till date…. And this step will cause him to lose his reputation and respect… till the last minute he is unable to make up his mind …

But on the wedding day, he just disappears. All are shocked to see him at the doorstep with Lipika the next day. He has married her. Tripathi’s who is angry and upset with the way Daksh has behaved takes him in after listening to his side of the story. Sehgal is shocked with his friends stand. How could he forgive Daksh for treating his daughter in this manner. 

The two families who were inseparable, now become staunch enemies…. The Sehgals want the Tripathis out of the house, but because they have been tenants in the house since past 25 years, they cannot be thrown out without being paid a hefty sum of money, which the Sehgals cannot afford…. 

Meanwhile, Dhruv and Dimple’s relationship has taken a complete U-turn…. The duo that could not look eye to eye in the beginning of the story, are now madly in love…. The families breaking apart has affected them the most…..

One day Dhruv and Dimple go for their friend sonakshi’s wedding…. Their friends insist that they get married in the same mandap…. The duo is about to do that when a thought crosses their minds…. “shaadi do Dillon ka nahin, do parivaaron ka Milan hoti hai” they feel that getting married without the families by their side is not something that will give either of them any happiness…. They vow to get their families together and then solemnize their relationship.

Dimple and Dhruv come back home…. Now starts their struggle to re-unite their families…. They are finally successful…. Till now no one is aware of their romance…. The day they feel that everything has become fine and it’s time to disclose to their families about their romance, the fathers of the house decide to get Simple and Dhruv married…. This is the way Tripathi decides to compensate for the mistake he had made. This comes as a big shock for Dimple and Dhruv… Dhruv tells Dimple that he will not get married to Simple and that he will tell the family that he loves her. But  Dimple stops him and explains to him that he has to do this for the family.  otherwise joh do parivaar itni mushkilon ke baad phir se milein hain, waapas alag ho jayenge….This creates a rift between  Dhruv and Dimple and they part ways…And for the sake of the family, Dhruv agrees to get married to Simple.


The key elements in the story are: 

Dimple-Dhruv romance

the various ever changing relationships between the two families 

the underlined fact “shaadi do dilon ka nahin do parivaaron ka Milan hoti hai”


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