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Bade Ache Lagte Hain


Priya is a happy go lucky woman in her early 30s .. not married so far .. and has dealt with life so far .. she takes tuitions of college students and is very sure that she will not be able to get married ever …. She is happy with her world.. her NGO works …etc etc

Ram Kapoor  ..a wealthy man in his early 40s … a ruthless entrepreneur who also believes that he has missed the bus of marriage ..

Complete contrast ram and priya are.. their personalities are poles apart. If one is a wasp the other is like a butterfly, one is air the other is water…one is a Scorpio, the other, a Gemini ..   

Both of them have their own complexities  .. 

While Ram’s best pal, Vikram, has been nagging him to get him married, .on the other side, Priya’s father has been adamant on getting her married as well to an extent that every time he sees a suitable boy for his daughter, he imagines a sehraa over that boy.  

There is a queue of suitors lined up to marry Priya, but most of them are over aged…The are like uncles to her. Some are bald, some have kids, some are divorcees and some widowers. Priya is fed up with such “prospective” grooms who are more interested in marrying girls younger than her. Priya’s father is under stress wondering as to when will she ever get married, although her mother isn’t that bothered by it. She prefers Priya to stay with her because she is the sole earner of the family. Priya has a younger brother who thinks otherwise. He feels that Priya will ruin her own life for the family. 

Whereas, Raam, has, all his life been around his step family. His priority has been to take care of the family and willingly left out the thought of even getting married. He is just not in it anymore and his step mother and step-siblings have no objection to his decision of not marrying. 

Both Raam and Priya were set and sorted with their decision of not marrying and had already moved on. Neither Ram nor Priya ever thought that they could get married eventually until that moment when destiny bumps them into each other through a minor car accident which hurts their egos more than their vehicles.. and then after a series of miscommunications and misunderstanding they soon realize that their siblings are in love with each other .. raam s crazy sister “nutz” and priya s idealistic brother “kartik” are in love . nutz wants to marry kartik and raam has no option but to ask for kartik s hand from priya …. He believes that priya s family is gold digger and priya believes that I will have to entertain this rich man only till my brother gets married .. although slowly they start seeing real sides of each other .. a certain respect builds up .. and another twist comes in the story as kartik declares he will not marry till his sister priya is married and settled .. 

Raam takes responsibility of getting priya married ..but raam s step mother , with her personal motives , comes with an idea that raam only should get married to priya ..  step mother’s intentions are simple and clear that wherever her daughter will go, the daughter of that house will come here just to ensure that her daughter is safe and secured. ..also if any rich girl will get married to ram , she will dominate ram and niharika, the step mother is not willing to let go her hold on ram s life .. ram is told to get married to priya 

raam is reluctant .. but rest of the world forces him to be ready and he loves his sister so much that he has no option but to say yes .. on the other hand , priya decides to go ahead with this marriage due to peer pressure from her glamour crazy mother ,shipra .. 

Preparation for the marriage has begun and it’s chaos with the rituals and engagement which barely gives Ram and Priya time to know each other before they tie the knot.  .. nutz and kartik are full on with festivities of their own wedding .. and happens a strike in ram s companies and indirectly priya’s facebook status and her article on safety hazards in factories  is responsible for it  .. if nutz kartik element was responsible for ram priya wedding , this factory element can put this wedding for a toss .. Raam’s best friend, Vikram, has no idea about this. .. 

big drama .. will vikram  spill the beans.. but vikram  knows that is Raam doesn’t marry now, he never will, and thus, he doesn’t reveal the truth. Raam and Priya are married now and so has Kartik and Nutz. ..  

The journey of an arrange marriage as well as love marriage now begins with Raam-Priya and Kartik- Nutz, respectively. Both the couples are completely different from each other. 

Will Raam and Priya ever come close to each other? 

Will they become friends? 

Will love blossom between the two? 

Will the strike in Raam’s factory drive them away from each other? 

Will Raam and Priya realize that arrange marriages not only unites two people and their love for each other but also their respective families?

all the answers to above questions will form the further story of bade acche lagte hai .. 



The eldest of the family, Ram Kapoor is Mumbai's most influential business tycoon who led his father's business empire to its peak. Though very popular personality in city, he neither likes going to page 3 parities nor has too many friends. He is loved by his family members unconditionally as he tends to put his family before everything else. The turning point in his life came in his early 40s when he married Priya. Priya loves and respect Ram for his qualities like generous heart, outstanding support for his family and his passion for work.

Priya is a simple yet strong willed girl from a middle class family whose has been brought up to be a humble family loving girl. Grounded with a set of ideologies, Priya loves her family unconditionally. Ram Kapoor marries her when she in her in her late thirties but grows to love her in due course of time for her honest nature and moral values. She believes in instilling the same family values in her kids that she grew up with and hence trusts her children completely.


Ram and Priya Kapoor's first and the eldest daughter, Pihu is the twinkle of her parents' eyes. Like her mother she is also gentle and kind hearted by nature. For Pihu, her mother is her world and believes in her decisions and judgement completely. But her innocence makes people manipulate easily.

Born into a middle class family, Shruti and Ashwin's son, Varun is a hard working and bright student who is studying in city's best college by earning a scholarship. He is not only an excellent student but also the best in sports. The best looking boy in college Varun is arrogant in nature and dislikes his poor standard of living.

Ram Kapoor's only college best friend, Vikram is an easy going fun loving person who loves Ram as much as his wife and kids. He is a composed man, who takes life with a pinch of salt. He often bails out Ram from tough decision making situations with his wisdom not only as his colleague at work but also as his friend in personal life. From a Casanova in his youth to a family guy, his life has taken a complete swing.

Bubbly, vivacious and witty, Neha is Vikram's true love and wife. Once the most happening girl in her youth, Neha chose to marry Vikram and settle down to take care of his home right after college. A warm person with a heart of gold, she too has known Ram since her college days and hence loves him and his family like her own. She is an extremely affectionate person whose love for her children is often misinterpreted as being overly protective. She is currently facing the challenge of bringing up her three young kids.

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